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Joining the Ballet Dance Company

Joining the Ballet Dance Company

Congratulations on being invited to join the Ballet Company.

The Ballet Company rehearse weekly and perform regularly throughout the year. 

How to join?
  • You have been accepted onto the Company after taking an introductory class or be invited to join the Company directly
  • Start your membership by booking onto our membership plan in the "Booking & Timetable" section.
  • Attend your first session of the Company
Company Membership
  • Choose between a monthly membership of £80.00, or an annual of £864.00
  • There is a minimum membership period of 3 months
  • The membership cost covers you for all classes for the duration of your membership
  • The Company rehearses throughout the year, with a 2-week break over Christmas
  • Please note: there may be some additional costs for your costumes for the shows

Please book an introductory class here: https://www.city-academy.com/ballet-dance-company 


City Academy's Ballet Company is a company of advanced (non-professional) dancers which focuses on technical advancement, repertoire learning and performance skills, as well as ballet and music history and the engagement of choreography as a means of storytelling beyond the technique. 

Dancers interested in the Ballet Company must be proficient in an advanced/intermediate knowledge of diverse ballet vocabulary and technical execution as time is focused on technical advancement and rehearsal, rather than foundational learning and vocabulary. 

It is a safe space of challenge, exploration, discovery, and creation.  

The Ballet Dance Company is for those who have completed Improvers level ballet classes at City Academy, an equivalent ballet course, or who have experience in ballet performance. 

The first step in joining The Ballet Dance Company is to book a class starting soon in the timetable below.