Photography Intensive - 5 Days

Photography Summer School Course Content:

During our Photography Intensive you will:

  • Learn how to critique your own work
  • Enhance your camera skills and techniques
  • Experiment with a range of photography genres
  • Work with natural and studio lighting
  • Explore storytelling and the aesthetics of photography
  • Develop your individual voice
  • Refine your workflow
  • Progress in the development of your portfolio, with critique from your tutor
  • Learn how to prepare and produce your work for printing
  • training
    Type Digital Photography
  • training
    Training Some experience necessary: a good understanding of ISO, shutter speed and aperture
  • training
    Equipment Bring a camera with full manual controls and good shoes. Bring a flash and tripod if available to you

Photography Summer School Course Content


On day one you will be focusing on Documentary and Street Photography. 

Take to the streets of London to learn about Documentary and Street photography. Now you’ve developed the technique and skills start to think about your personal style.

  • Learn how to capture moments in time that tell a story
  • Play with the composition rules you’ve learnt earlier in the week to give your images personality


For day two you will be looking at Lifestyle Photography. You’ll learn how to take stunning lifestyle images - from products to food - and see how commercial product photography works.

  • Use creative set-ups and arrangements for close up product shots
  • Use aperture to create interesting backdrops to give texture
  • Learn how to light a product with natural/artificial lighting


The different aspects of Portrait Photography will be the focus of day three. Working with a portrait photographer you’ll develop your own style whilst practicing a range of different techniques.

  • Experiment with aperture to capture different emotions in your portraits
  • Work with natural and artificial lighting to give your portrait a different feel
  • Play with composition and framing to create different images
  • Learn how to work with a model to give you the photo you want


Learn about the intricacies of Dance and Movement Photography during day four. You’ll work with a dancer to capture moments of inspiration.

  • Develop your timing skills and work on your ‘decisive moment’
  • Use shutter speed creatively to freeze or blur motion
  • Experiment with camera modes: manual and shutter/aperture priority


Having looked at and tried a range of photography styles throughout the week, the last day of the course will look at Portfolio building and Workflow. 

  • Learn basic editing principles to enhance your images
  • Receive individual critique and feedback from your tutor on selected images


As part of our course you will get to choose five of your pictures to be professionally printed.


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Our students talk us through what they learnt over the 5 days, about their camera, and themselves!


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Photography Intensive - 5 Days tutors

All City Academy tutors are experienced professionals from theatre, film/TV and performance industries. So whilst they're training you they may also be rehearsing for a West End show or working on a movie. We like that and we do believe it makes a difference in class.

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