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Aleksandra Wozniak

Aleksandra Wozniak

Subjects taught by Aleksandra:
Jazz & Blues Singing lessons
Pop & Rock Singing lessons
Singing – Beginners classes
Singing – Taster classes

Aleksandra Wozniak is a professional musician, singer-songwriter and music producer performing under the stage name Olandra. She holds a Master’s Degree in Popular Music from Goldsmiths, University of London and completed Studio Practice and Songwriting courses at Manchester Metropolitan University. She trained in Estill Voice Model (with Anne-Marie Speed and Charlotte Shorhouse) and Speech Level Singing (with Andres Martorell, Ian Davidson). Having toured extensively in Europe and the UK with her original music, she also worked as a session musician (British Council) collaborated in writing music for films and games, MD’d for theatre plays. She writes, arranges, records and produces her own music.

As a singing tutor and vocal coach, she focuses on vocal health, technique and musical direction in styles ranging from pop, folk and jazz to musical theatre. Estill Voice Training and Speech Level Singing are the foundations of her practice, as well as the performance and teaching knowledge developed in excess of 10 years’ experience. 

Why I love teaching
Helping others to develop their craft, artistry, and confidence through vocal lessons; this is my principle satisfaction. Singing is a wonderful social activity that brings people together. I believe that finding your own, unique voice and developing it can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences.

About my classes
My classes are informal and relaxed, yet lead in a professional fashion. I focus on vocal health, technique, and musical direction. I wish for the student to feel comfortable and help them find confidence in singing. I want to get to know the person so that I can individually tailor the lessons.