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Debbie Bridge

Debbie Bridge

Debbie Bridge is a multi-award-winning voice-over artist and seasoned singing professional from London. She has been performing professionally in musical theatre, opera and straight acting (TV, Theatre, Film, Radio, Voice Over), since 1998.  

She has appeared on stage, audio and film all over the world, producing her own shows and workshops. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, Canada. Debbie has done workshops with a wide variety of tutors all over the world, which included the Morzarteum, Satzburg, Austrai and Banff Centre of Arts, Canada. She is a recognised member of the Royal Society of Musicians and Equity. 

She continues to appear regularly, in a variety of venues and productions, across the UK and abroad.

Debbie’s stand out difference as a teacher, is her ability to curate her decades of training and experience – and her understanding of this demanding market – into powerful learning experiences, tailored to your unique needs. You will have fun in Debbie’s classes, whilst also gaining important, relevant skills and becoming more confident with every new performance summit you conquer. She is passionate about teaching ‘safe singing’; that is, teaching the approaches and techniques needed to keep your voice healthy.