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Debbie Bridge

Debbie Bridge

Debbie is a passionate singing teacher based in Greenwich, offering one-to-one lessons.

She is an accomplished singing teacher, whose style focuses on your needs as a singer, actor and speaker. Since 1998, Debbie is passionate about teaching safe singing – using the correct support needed to keep your voice healthy. She is very down to earth and has a friendly approach; every lesson is geared towards her students own pace. She has lots of experience with teaching adults and enjoys coaching people who have had a lifelong dream of being able to sing to the best of their abilities.

She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, Canada. Debbie has done workshops with a wide variety of tutors all over the world, which included the Morzarteum, Satzburg, Austrai and Banff Centre of Arts, Canada. She is a recognised member of the Royal Society of Musicians and Equity. 

Having experience of performing all over the world, producing her own shows and workshops, has made Debbie a fully rounded performer into today’s tough market. She has performed as a busker, to large concert halls and to film. 

Debbie is very patient and will do whatever she can to help you sing to the standard you hope for.