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Julie Kvaerndrup

Julie Kvaerndrup

Julie Kvaerndrup is a London based vocal coach, working with singers and songwriters from beginners to performers. She is an Estill Master Trainer and an expert in the Estill Master technique. 

She aims to break down the barriers prohibiting people from using their voices and empower them to confidently sing and tap into their unique vocal abilities. Whether singing professionally or just for enjoyment, Julie loves helping everyone explore the performer within through engaging, fun, and personally tailored lessons. Singing should be joyful!

Understanding music and the challenges vocalists face is at the core of Julie’s work. She’s earned a Bachelor’s in Contemporary Music Performance and a Master’s in Composition. Music has been an integral part of her life and she has enjoyed composing and performing music since a young age. She is currently the front figure in Detox from Grey, an Electro-Pop band, and is a singer and keyboardist in Viriditas, a progressive rock band.

Tapping into her knowledge, experience, and passion for music, Julie helps students, aspiring singers, performers, and singer-songwriters embrace their voices, improve their technique, and grow their confidence to become strong performers.

“My classes are fun and interactive. I always aim to create a relaxed atmosphere where students can explore and develop their singing. It gives me such joy when I see a student gain confidence in their own unique voice.”

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Singing Lessons – Beginners 13 Nov - 18 Dec Mon 18:15-19:55 6 weeks Julie Kvaerndrup St Marylebone School £188.00