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Andrea Janosova

Andrea Janosova

Andrea admired Latin dancing since childhood, in 2006 she joined her first Salsa class and immediately fell in love.

After taking progressive courses in Cuban Salsa and attending festivals in different countries for 8 years, she finally decided to start her teacher training in 2014. Through the following year she also performed in a Salsa dance group, taking her passion for performing to national and international festivals as well and starting to learn Kizomba to enrich her music interpretation and connection with the partner. In 2015 her involvement with Bachata intensified as she regularly travelled to Europe to study from some of the top instructors on the dance scene, and since 2017 she added Bachata to her teaching.

Andrea also teaches LA style salsa as well as regular Salsa and Bachata.

“I teach with empathy and patience, focusing on technique, connection and interpretation of the music as well as ensuring that the students have fun.”