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Dolores Mateo

Dolores Mateo

Following a life changing event, Dolores found herself with her first basic DSLR camera and her passion for wildlife and the big outdoors. Dolores has also trained with worldwide renowned wildlife photographers in the UK and abroad. She has mastered the classic close up and portrait wildlife shots and she has developed her own style by embellishing what unpredictable nature has to offer. 

Dolores’ work as reached semifinal in prestigious competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature Photographer or the Year and Nature’s Best. Her work has been successfully auctioned for charity in East London and her award winning picture “The deer and the jackdaw” is on display in Whips Cross Hospital in London. 

Dolores has over twenty years experience in Medical Education, Simulation and Human Factors. This, along with her people skills, makes her the ideal person to keep the spirits high while photographing wildlife in less pleasant weather conditions or in remote locations. 

“Wildlife is unpredictable. I believe in making the best of what nature presents to us. If it is not what we were hoping for…well, we will have to go back and try again!”