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Romayne Etwaroo and Holly France

Romayne Etwaroo and Holly France
Romayne Etwaroo

Romayne trained in Contemporary dance, Physical Theatre, Street and Ballet from the age of 16.

Her love of music from the 1920’s to 1950’s led her to Swing dance, ever since she has specialised in Lindy hop and the Charleston.

She enjoys teaching Swing as it involves partner work which is challenging and fun. Romayne has performed internationally for various companies, choreographers and artists in London, France, Italy and Japan.

Holly France

Holly trained full time in Contemporary, Jazz, ballet, Tap, modern and street dance from the age of 16.

Holly has been specialising in Vintage dance styles for the last 6 years including Charleston, Lindy hop, Swing, Jive, Rock’n;Roll, GoGo and Can Can. She is part of the vintage dance troupe The Bee’s Knees, Londons Finest Flappers.

Holly has a true love and passion for these dances, which she expresses in her teaching style.

She has performed at and choreographed for many venues and events nationally and internationally. These include Claridges, The Royal Albert Hall, Venice Carnival, The Savoy, The Round House, The Palladium, The Duke of Theatre and Wiltons Music Hall. 

Holly’s classes are great fun and she always gets the best out of her students.