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Ines Carvalho

Ines Carvalho

Ines trained in Interpretation and Choreography within Contemporary Dance at the University of Porto, Portugal. She has also completed RAD and ISTD studies in Ballet and Modern Dance.

Ines has performed all over the world, having been invited as a Guest Dancer of Young Americans at LA Dance Excellence in Los Angeles. She has also performed on stage in Portugal in dance pieces, both as an ensemble and soloist, A Connected World (Rivoli Theatre, Porto, Portugal), Unique (Alfandega do Porto, Portugal), and Liquidity (Solo) (Rivoli Theatre, Porto, Portugal).

She has lots of teaching experience across ballet and contemporary dance. Ines co-created the inclusive dance project Movimente, choreographing and teaching the piece.

In her classes, students discover their individual movement and creativity, developing their unique way of moving and feeling the music.

“I enjoy the chance to contact with different perspectives, different ways of moving, and being inspired by the individual movement of my students.”