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Kirill Burlov

Kirill Burlov

Kirill Burlov is a multidisciplinary artist working with video, performance and sound.

He was also an artistic director of Baltic Art Form and Maidstone International Arts Festival. Kirill has a strong background in dance, in his UK he performed with Rambert, Northern Ballet, Royal Opera House, Michael Clark Company also working on the projects with Burst Dance Project, Neon dance, The Cathy Marston Project and English National Ballet.

His recent collaborations with composers Peteris Vasks and Emika musicians Reinis Zarins and Satoko Fukuda and visual artists like Khadijah von Zinnenburg, Laura Malacart, Roger Eager working with different scale interactive projects for a variety of audiences bringing the dance outside of conventional spaces.

His creative ventures with Kristaps Petersons mostly resulted with nominations or awards with the latest work Mikhail and Mikhail playing chess winning 12 major awards in Latvia.

My teaching style is a passionate journey, sculpting not just dancers but individual artists. I foster creativity, celebrating each student’s unique movement language and personality. In my class, it’s more than steps; it’s about building respect, independence, and a lifelong love for the art. Unleash your movement, embrace your unique artistry.