Gift a Class

If you are interested in Gifting a class this festive season, we've created a handy guide with step-by-step instructions on how you can do it. 

Step 1

Proceed with the checkout process for your order using your own name and contact details. This will register the course in your own name to secure the booking.

Step 2

After receiving your confirmation email, reply to that email with the following details of the individual you would like to gift to: 
First name, last name, email address, telephone number and the date you would like these details to be updated (i.e. after Christmas Day or a Birthday if the gift is a surprise). 

Step 3

Once the details have been updated, the person whose details you have provided will receive a new confirmation email and information related to the class or course. 

Your gifted class recipient will be able to amend their order to an alternative date or different course entirely with our Student Services team, usual T&C’s apply. 

Can I have a confirmation email in the gift recipients name? 

To receive a personalised email, you will need to set up a brand new account in the name of the person you are gifting the course to as we are unable to provide an email with the name of a guest rather than the account holder.

Can a gifted course be credited to use another time? 

The usual T&C's apply to gifted courses. Refunds can be issued up to 72 hours before the start date of the booking. Course credit can be issued up to the value of the remaining class or course time throughout the duration of the booking. 

  • Gift Vouchers

    Vouchers available worth £50, £100, £250, & £500 - that can be spent on any City Academy booking.