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Video Audition Requirements


We are now welcoming applications for the Professional Ballet Course. 

There are two ways to audition:

1) Live audition: For a timetable of live auditions please see the booking and timetable tab on the Professional Ballet One Year Page

2) Video audition: For those unable to make the live audition there is the option to send us a video. 

Requirements for video audition

Barre Work


  • 2 demi 1 full in 1st position, ports de bras forward and rise arms in 5th
  • 2 demi 1 full in 2nd position, ports de bras towards and away from the barre
  • 2 demi 1 full in 5th position, ports de bras backwards rise arms in 5th


  • 1 en croix in a slow march tempo
  • 7 glissés in 1st close back
  • Reverse


  • 1 en croix
  • Soutenu to the other side


  • 1 Devant (slow 4 counts)
  • 1 a la seconde (lowering to degage)
  • Pivot towards the barre, lift the leg in Arabesque, pivot to the other side and penche
  • Repeat with other leg

Grands Battements:

  • 4 in each position en croix

Centre Practice

  • Ports de Bras
  • Own combination showing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.
  • Own combination Tendus and pirouettes sur place


  • Facing a corner develope devant, develope ecarte, develope into arabesque. 
  • Repeat with the other leg

Warm up Jumps:

  • Own combination of sautés in 1st, 2nd, and 5th 


Petit Allegro:

  • Own combination of Glissades, assemblés, pas de chats, jetés and sissones

Grand Allegro:

  • From side to side
  • Chassé pas de bourée glissade Grand Jeté en avant arms 3rd
  • Chainées


  • Own combination of Echappé to seconde, relevés in 5th and Retires Passes

How to film your video application

Please ensure that your whole body is in the frame of the video and you are dancing in a clear and safe space. You can film your video application in any format on a phone, tablet or camera.

You do not need to have the video filmed in a studio or filmed by a professional.


To send us a video audition please add your recorded audition to your application form.

Contact us

For any questions or queries regarding the audition process, please contact one of our friendly student services team at info@city-academy.com or call 0207 042 8833.