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Brittany Pay

Brittany Pay

Subjects taught by Brittany:
Improvisation courses

Brittany Pay is an improvisational actor, comedian, and teacher with over six years of experience. She is a founding member of Classic Andy and has performed at Camden Fringe, Faversham Fringe, and Edinburgh Improv Festival. She is a team captain at Breaking & Entering’s The Playground, one of London’s most popular improv nights; a cast member of Unbridled: a Jilly Cooper Improvised Show, and a regular host of Hoopla’s Mega-Jam.

As a highly experienced improv teacher with classes that are inclusive and fun, Brittany will always get stuck in and demonstrate to exemplify the importance of being a strong team player. She welcomes students of all levels of confidence and experience, tailoring support to the quieter students as well as those who are outwardly confident.

“I love creating an atmosphere of joy and creativity where I watch people surprise themselves as they uncover their skills.”