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Kabuki Johnson

Kabuki Johnson

Kabuki Johnson is a passionate dancer and teacher, training and performing in the Street Styles of Hip Hop, Popping and Waacking as well as Contemporary dance. She studied Choreography and Dance and Education Studies at the University of Winchester, which deepened her love for movement and knowledge of the theory behind dance. Kabuki is a professional dancer and street dance trainer who strives to showcase herself as a strong and versatile female dancer.

As well as performing as a featured dancer in music videos, in theatres and at dance festivals nationwide, Kabuki teaches dance extensively across all age ranges and levels. With classes that are educational and enjoyable, Kabuki engages her students by teaching the history of concepts to develop a better and more inclusive understanding of different dance styles. She provides challenges for all learners according to their ability, creating a safe and positive learning environment for everyone from absolute beginners to those with more experience.

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences and seeing dancers grow and develop in their knowledge and dance skills as they participate in my class.”