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Marçal Xirau Vilarrubla

Marçal Xirau Vilarrubla

Marçal Xirau is a passionate musician and educator with a diverse background in modern music and jazz. 

He holds a BA from the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona and an MD in Advanced Music Technology from the University of West London.

He’s performed at IKLECTIK in London the Map & Fold Festival in Frankfurt, and the renowned Sónar 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. 

In the realm of music creation, he has finished different works, releasing albums like LLIBRE N.1 and Zero Nou Quaranta Nou

With a decade of teaching experience, he offers a personalised approach to music education, covering a wide spectrum of instruments and topics. Whether you’re interested in electric guitar, classical and acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, bass guitar, jazz harmony, composition, or delving into the world of music technology with Ableton, sound design, mixing, and mastering.

His teaching philosophy revolves around a balanced blend of traditional and modern methods. 

“Join me on this musical journey, where creativity and a deep understanding of music are fostered in a supportive and enriching learning environment. I’m here to inspire and empower you as you embark on your unique musical aspirations. Let’s make music together!”