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Jesús Ortiz

Jesús Ortiz

Jesús Ortiz is a Ballroom & Salsa dancer, coach and choreographer from San Francisco, California.

He has been teaching social Ballroom & Latin dances plus Salsa, Merengue, Bachata for 20+ years on both coasts of the USA, the UK, and worldwide. He has been a featured dancer, coach, choreographer and judge on stage, film, cruises, touring and TV. He credits his foundation and expereince to Arthur Murray International. His expereince, competitive coaching, and a relaxed, easy-to-achieve teaching style has made him a gifted instructor with a proven method. His approach is extremely YOU-centric because dance is a form of expression and expression is not one-size-fit-all. Whatever your skill level or personal goal, he is committed to help you surpass it!

“I offer joy through Ballroom/Latin and Social Dance. I aim to recognising everyones innate gifts and encourage them to value that and bring it into their dancing. Dance is a form of expression which isn’t meant to be one-size-fits-all, so whatever your size, ability, experience, orientation, or personal goals, I’ll help you achieve it. You are welcome here.”