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Aneequa Godart

Aneequa  Godart

Aneequa is a London-based belly dance tutor with a passion for eastern dance styles.

Having performed in dance drama theatre productions from childhood, and later touring the country performing in burlesque shows from 2005-2010 which included tours with the Dresden Dolls and other prestigious music festivals, Aneequa went on to learn the art of belly dance from some of the top performers in the UK and Portugal.

After dancing across the globe with a London-based bellydance troupe, Aneequa trained as a teacher with Discoverdance UK in 2019 so that she can share the art with others.

As well as traditional Arabic belly dance, she has trained in a wide range of fusion styles inspired by her background and world travels which see her blending belly dance with Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Salsa and Hip Hop styles.