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Gaelle Annaert

Gaelle Annaert

Gaelle is a professional dancer from France, who specialises in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz.

She started her Dance career at a Sports university where her specialism was fitness. She used this background as a springboard to teaching and has now been teaching dance to all ages for over 15 years.

Since moving to London, she has taught and practices Afro-Latin, Salsa and Afro-Portuguese Dance. In 2016, she formed part of the Batuke! Project organised by Iris de Brito and in 2018 she joined the Otradanz Academy group directed by Dani K.

Her aim is to nurture her students, bring them happiness and adapt herself to her learning style so that they can find their own energy, self-confidence and ultimately their own style. She leverages her knowledge of the human body and fitness to achieve this, and wants her students to emerge happy and confident.