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Rosaria Sativa

Rosaria Sativa

Born in Italy and resident in London, Rosaria studied at the Laban Centre for Movement & Dance and at the London Contemporary Dance School. On completion of her training she established herself as a versatile and dedicated dancer, choreographer and teacher, working both in England and abroad.

Her dance training encompasses a range of techniques and influences including: Ballet, Contemporary techniques, Release and floorwork, Contact improvisation, Pilates, Modern Jazz, Authentic Jazz, American Tap, Lindy Hop, Hip Hop: Locking & Funk, Body Popping. 

Rosaria’s great passion for Retro’ dances such as : The Charleston,The ShimSham, Lindy Hop, Swing dancing, American Tap & Authentic Jazz brought her to study and dance with many of the original greats such as: Frankie Manning, Chazz young, Chester Withmore and Norma Miller. 

Rosaria’s dance classes are inclusive and fun, focusing on the origins and influences of the Charleston and Lindy Hop, original moves, musicality and styling.